I can’t understand people who go through the cow tag to “look at beautiful cows” and complain when they find vegan posts.

I wonder if it would work the same with other animals. Imagine someone who supports dog fighting comes to the dog tag and goes “I just want to look at beautiful dogs without reading about your stance against dog fighting”.

How can you love and admire someone and destroy them at the same time and then complain when others defend their rights.

Cows are beautiful. Dont eat them

people don’t complain at vegans defending their rights, they complain at vegans forcing their beliefs on them

So writing a post telling people to stop exploiting other animals (i.e. defending their rights) equals forcing one’s “beliefs” on them. Hmm I wonder if we can apply the same logic to other injustices.

Stop treating women like objects! - Uhh stop forcing your beliefs on me.
End transphobia! - Uhh stop forcing your beliefs on me.
Boycott Nestle for its terrible practices! - Uhh stop forcing your beliefs on me.

Do you think that’s a rational response? I don’t think so. Then why is it different when we’re talking about animal rights? Because you people don’t believe they deserve rights. You don’t believe they’re worth that much. You think of veganism as a belief and a lifestyle when it’s not. And if we have to repeat a thousand times that nonhuman animals are not here for our own benefit until you start to believe it yourselves, then so be it. 

I just read someone say that if bulls screamed when they get killed, bullfighting fans would think it twice before paying to see their torture. And that made me think of the billions of animals who scream in slaughterhouses or laboratories. Who hears their screams? How many people would think it twice before paying to have them tortured and killed if they heard their screams? How many people choose to look the other way, and how many admit their crying voices don’t stir any emotions in them?

They are completely helpless. Forgotten. The terror in their eyes and their voices isn’t enough to make the most selfish species on earth stop and care about them. Nothing is enough.

We don’t need to hear them scream. We know they suffer. We know they feel. We know this isn’t justifiable. So why don’t we stop listening to our own selfish voices. Why don’t we stop making arbitrary distinctions and start respecting them -all of them- and their bodily autonomy. Why don’t we.



Wow I get so annoyed whenever I go on the veggie side of Tumblr and I see all those “Go Vegan/Vegetarian/Vegetalian!” and “Meat is murder!” posts with cute animals pictures.

Like, I understand the motivation behind these, but is it really gonna help if you forcefully shove veganism down people’ throats? I think not.

How is that shoving veganism down people’s throats? We see adverts everywhere, all the time, telling us to buy this and that, manipulating us in the most sneaky way, and nobody blinks an eye. We either buy the thing or simply ignore it. But suddenly, a bunch of people with good intentions try to make people care about something as simple as respecting other sentient beings, and you get annoyed by it?

I don’t think you truly understand the motivation behind those posts. Or their importance.


Anonymous asked:

It is not YOUR place to police a woman's body and sexuality and decide what she can do. My body is MINE and it is my right and my right ALONE to decide what to do with it. It is not your place to oppress women because YOU decide they are "immoral"

radfemale answered:

You’re responding to me ‘policing’ people pretending to be a ‘daddy’ and a ‘little girl’ and then having sex with each other.

  • REAL ‘little girls’ get sexually assaulted and raped by their ‘daddy’s’ everyday - and you people have the hide to re-enact that. 
  • REAL ‘little girls’ do not get believed when this happens, and consequently have to live with the awful memory for the rest of their life - and you people have the hide to re-enact that.
  • REAL ‘little girls’ are incapable of consenting, and THEIR BODIES are ACTUALLY irreparably policed by the thoughts of being terrorised, although you people RE-ENACT THAT. 
  • YOU are valuing and prioritising your orgasms over the REAL victims, and the REAL abuse that happens EVERY DAY - and that is the REAL oppressing matter, THAT MATTERS. 
  • I could not give a fuck what you do with your body, but the moment you (and many other people like you) glorify the terrible atrocity that is pedophilia, it is beyond just ‘you’ and ‘your body’ and ‘your daddy’ - it is then a moral problem that should not be normalized, because sexualising the innocence of children being destroyed by their own fathers is NOT something you get to promote. 
  • I am sick and fucking tired of you people using the father/daughter relationship to gain orgasms. I’m sick of you people then saying ‘when we say ‘little’ and ‘daddy’ we aren’t actually talking about father/daughter’. WELL YES YOU ARE. You have exploited a disastrous situation and made it sexy. That is exactly what you have done! You cannot honestly say that when people in this fucked up phenomenon wear diapers, draw in colouring books, get called ‘little girls’, wear conventional gendered clothing made specifically for female children - and have a ‘daddy’ (I really don’t feel like I have to explain it’s another word for ‘father) who takes on conventional fatherly roles - AND THEN THEY HAVE SEX WITH EACH OTHER - and then say ‘it’s not the same as pedophilia’ WELL YES IT IS. 
  • It would be like if you both wore blackface and then had ‘black’ sex. Or if one of you decided to pretend to be disabled and you had ‘disabled’ sex. That would be exactly what you’re trying to do - replicate another form of something. EXCEPT, this is not racism or ableism - it’s glorifying pedophilia; and that’s SICK. 
  • You do not live in a fantasy world free of morality - what you do in your sex life reflects you as a person; in the exact same way a pedophile isn’t just a pedophile when they’re raping a child - they’re a pedophile always. A murderer isn’t just a murderer when they’re killing people, a racist isn’t just a racist when they’re yelling racial slurs, and a misogynist isn’t just a misogynist when they’re bashing/hating women. They are ALWAYS those things.