Vegan Big Breakfast Round Up

Big Vegan Breakfast

Vegan Big Breakfast: Tofu Scramble, Baked Beans, Potato Rosti & Balsamic Mushrooms

The Big Vegan Breakfast: Scrambled Tofu, Roasted Potatoes & Fruit (NF)

Best Ever Vegan Full English Breakfast

Truffled Tofu Scramble with Umeboshi, Peas & Onion

Rustic Citrus Carrot Scramble

Fast & Easy Tofu Scramble with Smoky Tempeh Bacon

Easy Like Sunday Morning Big Cooked Breakfast (GF/NF)

Besan Scramble (GF/high protein/SF)

Mushroom Melt Breakfast Sandwich with Sweet Potato Home Fries

I don’t know how people can eat all that stuff in the morning. (Also, who feels like cooking in the morning).

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You gotta see them in concert, if you haven’t already. It’s a beautiful experience
Ah… that would be great. I’ve seen GY!BE four times. That’s the closest I’ve been to seeing them. :) 


If you’re a vegan, I totally understand, and that is your conscious effort in lifestyle. But please educate yourself. Learn that not only are a lot of practices glorified by “meat videos,” deemed irrational by their contribution to producing bad/low quality milk/meat/eggs, but that only around 2.5% of the U.S population is vegan, and to actually affect the meat/eggs/milk industry, millions upon millions more people would be needed to become vegan as well. Becoming a vegan, to me, is illogical and the fact that you think it makes any significant difference to the food industries whilst 95% of the world’s population indulges in eating eggs/milk/fish/meat is laughably unsound. 

Haven’t you heard about the decrease of meat consumption in the last decade in the US? I’m sure veganism isn’t the only reason. I’m sure many people are eating less meat -or none- purely because of health reasons or economical reasons. But it doesn’t matter. What does this tell us? That demand makes supply. A decrease in demand, even if it’s small, does have an effect. Now imagine what would happen if every person that says “becoming vegan is laughably unsound because the rest of the population will continue eating/using animal products” actually became vegan. We’d have legions.

In any case, forget about percentages. If you think something is morally wrong, would you partake in it just because the rest of the population does? Would you say “screw my principles” and blissfully join the others? Because veganism isn’t simply about boycotting the industries. I’ll give you an example: if you boycott (or try to, thanks capitalism) industries that rely on human exploitation, you probably won’t be thinking about the millions of people who will continue to support those industries. You’ll be thinking that you can’t agree with a thing like that. That it goes against your principles. That even if you were the only person on earth who cared about that, you’d still care. Because you’re truly convinced that what you’re fighting against is wrong. Because you believe you have no right to benefit from those people. Because you already think those people deserve rightsWell, it’s the same with veganism. You oppose animal exploitation regardless of percentages of demand and supply. Because you already think those animals deserve rights. 

Also: those “glorified” practices are more common than you’d think. But even if they weren’t, the point of veganism is that animals shouldn’t be used at all, not how they’re treated.