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Today I had a dream where one of my dogs got lost at night and for some reason I waited until the next morning to go find her (what kind of shitty parent would do that?) Then I called her and she seemed so scared, but strangely, I was quite calm. Then I woke up and she was asleep by my side and I felt so awful that I cuddled her and gave her kisses and she kissed me back and goddamn it, I love her so much.

I want you all to go hug your animal companions right now (if possible). Go ahead.

Why do vegans hate PETA? Dont they want to save animals like vegans I dont get it






yes well to be honest I don’t get it either. Personally I am all for peta I am actually an activist for them, so I don’t really understand why people don’t like them.. They want the same thing as everyone else essentially they just want to save animals like us. I think most people don’t think that they are going about it the right way, with over sexualizing certain advertisements but personally I think they are fine and I appreciate how they help animals because at the end of the day isn’t that what we all want?


PETA kills animals. PETA objectifies women. They also have a fat shaming ad. PETA has a pretty shitty stance on pit bulls (of course I agree with the ban on breeding, but that holds true for any dog/cat since they are overpopulated). Fun fact: Ingrid Newkirk was attacked by a pit bull. Gee, I wonder why she wants them dead. Yes, they do have great resources. Yes, they have done a lot in terms of education and investigations. But let’s be real here, they suck. A lot.

There are much better organizations out there that don’t euthanize most of the animals they get, and that don’t objectify women. I am sorry, but an AR group objectifying women pretty much means they don’t believe in the equal treatment of human beings. So…f that.

Here is a post I made about PETA, it has pretty much the same info as above.

thankyou for the information, I will look at it now xx

end peta and let something better take its place

There’s plenty more, but that’s a decent start in addition to the above.

Stop tumblring Ms. Giraffe.

Stop tumblring Ms. Giraffe.


The thing is, the whole “I’m not financially stable enough for a plant based diet” COULD have been a viable reason at one point if it wasn’t for the hundreds and thousands of people who have straight up used it as an excuse.

I’ve worked with people, earning the exact same amount of money as them, and been told by them that they couldn’t possibly afford to eat vegan while I got along more than fine.

I’ve been at pubs, nursing the same beer for hours because I couldn’t afford more as I’ve watched others down round after round then drunkenly tell me they just couldn’t afford to eat a plant based diet.

I’ve been homeless and living off of food hand outs and STILL easily managed to refrain from eating animal products.

There is no doubt in my mind that there are more than likely a fair few people out there who are literally unable to financially manage a vegan diet, but because of the thousands of other dipshits that constantly use these people and their situation as a scapegoat to avoid responsibility for their own laziness, it’s hard to take the whole issue seriously anymore.

So if you 100% truly can’t afford to eat a plant based diet, and a vegan is a little bit skeptical about it, before you yell “classism” think about why a vegan may have trouble believing you.

Dog bless you for this post and every other post and basically your existence.

That hasn't happened to me (the Facebook thing) but it doesn't shock me. Of course they'd take down a post about the environment, but when I reported a picture telling people to rape their spouses if they don't shut up they leave it. Their moderators are fucked in the head.

What the hell is wrong with them. What a bunch of assholes…

Edit: Turns out it was a glitch and my post is visible again. But they’re assholes anyway. :)

I think I just got censored by Facebook. I published a post a while ago and it disappeared a few minutes ago. It was a very short text post about how we’re destroying the ocean and every creature on earth. Was it the content? Was it the swearing? It would be funny, considering how they systematically ignore us when we report problematic pages. Has this happened to any of you?



I hate the constant fight between vegans and non-vegans. Can’t we just all accept that some of us eat meat and some of us don’t?!

It’s all well and good when you say stuff like this and make it sound like we live in a lovely, diverse world with a multitude of opinions and ideas. But this isn’t the way it is. It’s cool when we have different ideas about music and clothes, because those kinds of opinions don’t hurt anyone else.

However, there’s some kinds of opinions that people get all up and arms about for good reason. You’ll probably agree, it’s not okay to be homophobic because it affects the lgbtq community, and it’s not okay and I don’t accept homophobes because ‘it’s just their opinion’.

It’s not okay when racists make poc feel lesser than them. It’s not okay for transphobic people to do the same. It’s not okay to treat others like less than you are.

It is NOT okay for meat eaters to have an ideology that murders, enslaves and tortures billions of animals, reduces them to objects and resources that are simply there to entertain your trivial pleasures like ‘oh, it’s just my opinion that bacon tastes nice, why can’t you leave me alone.’ Fuck, no. That is NOT okay. That’s why vegans won’t shut up about how angry we are. We see injustice and we will fight against it until someone starts to pay attention.


See, most people are really, really good at being super passionate about animal rights issues that take literally zero effort to stand for.

Boycott Seaworld? Done. Easy. I’ll go to the aquarium instead!

Killing whales to eat them???? rabblerabblerabble how barbaric! Even though I live in a part of the world that I basically have no way in which to access whale meat, do you know what? I’m going to vow NEVER to eat whale! 

Fur? Ew!!!! I can’t believe someone would wear a dead animal, I’m never going to buy fur. Oh look a leather jacket, cool.

Shark cull?!?!?! That’s ridiculous and I wont stand for it. I’m going to, um, not… support… that by… saying I don’t support it!

Copenhagen Zoo killed a Giraffe? well I’m not going there anymore (not that I ever was going to lol). 


As soon as you suggest something that takes some actual real life effort, like I don’t know, actively avoiding all animal products, no longer purchasing products tested on animals and seeking cruelty free alternatives, boycotting all establishments and events that use animals for entertainment (circuses, aquariums, rodeos, horse racing)

All of a sudden its like woah hey now don’t you think you’re being a bit extreme? I mean isn’t there something easier I can do like all those other things that requires no effort at all?? 


I like meat but it needs to be happy

so I only eat animals that had really good lives

no like really they get to do all the natural things that animals get to do like being not being a commodity bred by humans and kept in enclosures or dying of old age

and then I have them killed because ugh yuck. but wait no I’m a pioneering food reformer I actually raise my own animals and slaughter them on my kitchen table. omg the kids love it

anyways just when they start warming up to how awesome their life is and how cool the humans are

they have to die at a fraction of their lives because I’m exactly like lions circle of life canines top of the food chain

except for the spent dairy cows. they are for yummy steaks and burgers after spending their teens getting artificially impregnated so I can drink her mammary secretions and sell the babies for soft meat

happy meat is the only good meat because they live great happy lives that get cut short because I felt like eating them

happy meat = good because they get treated real good before they are killed at a young age

factory farms = bad because they get treated real bad before they are killed at a young age

Sorry, I didn't realize that was what that term or ideology was all about. Anyway these idiots who are vegans have no idea what they're doing to themselves. Not eating meat or some kind of animal protein is stupid and you will break down after 5-10 years of being on it and have major health problems. I bet alot of them are eating soy which is nothing but brain damage and basically nutrtional suicide for animals and humans. It kicks out all your minerals and shrinks your brain.



I don’t have a problem with vegans at all.  I really don’t have a clue what the short or long term effect of the diet is as I’m not a nutritionist.  Though I’d assume with proper supplements they would be just fine.  

Much like this guy who fasted for over a year, lost a shit load of weight, but was constantly monitored by his doctor was completely healthy.  

But I do know if someone wants to make the voluntary choice not to eat meat or any animal products that is their choice.  They can do as they please and I’ll support their right to chose as they aren’t forcing it upon anyone besides themselves.  

^ I appreciate your logical and civil answer to this anon. So what I am about to say is not directed at you. (Although I will say that no one can force veganism on someone else, we generally only aim to educate and reach others.)

Anon - NO. That was literally the most ignorant BS I have ever read (within the last week anyway). Here are some reputable sources that prove you wrong. Note that they are all sourcing medical studies from medical professionals. You literally have no idea what you are talking about - nothing you have just said is based in fact and you look like a complete fool saying it. Educate yourself, don’t just mimick the bullshit the media tells you. I can locate an ass-ton more sources if you aren’t completely satisfied.

Vegetarians and vegans may live longer.

Eating animal protein linked to early death

Eating meat is a major risk factor in diabetes

Meat consumption and cancer risk

Dangers of Dairy

Vegan Sources of Protein

You do not need to eat animals products to live. If you need to take vitamin supplements there are vegan ones available. 

Please tell me how all these people are dying because of their vegan diet:

Rich Roll: vegan endurance atheleteimage

Mac Danzig: MMA


Patrik Baboumian


Anon what I am trying to say is: shut the fuck up and sit the fuck down.